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Online Mental Performance Training is now available through the AMPT Learning Academy

Competition-tested, science-backed mental skills which will help you develop an elite mindset, learn to use stress and anxiety to your advantage, and regulate emotions to focus your attention and rebound from mistakes

Is AMPT Learning For You?

Join the course if:

  • You are an athlete struggling with anxiety, low confidence, fear of failure, perfectionism, poor focus, or any other mental game challenge keeping you from performing your best.

  • You feel as though your practice talents are not translating into game time execution.

  • You struggle to perform well under pressure.

  • You are looking for another way to elevate your game and reach your goals as an athlete.

  • You are ready and willing to put in the work required to strengthen your mind and improve your game.

AMPT Learning isn't for you if:

  • You are looking for a quick fix to overcome your mental game challenges.

  • You cannot dedicate time each week to training your mind and improving your game.

  • You refuse to take ownership for your mindset and believe you are powerless to change.

Stop playing games and train to become a champion!​

Mental performance coaching holds you accountable for improving mental skills for optimal performance, reduces the impacts of stress on mental and physical health, and improves fulfillment, motivation, productivity, and life satisfaction.

YES! I'm Ready

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Meet Your Coach

Prof Pic Large copy 2_edited.jpg

Neil Wattier

Mental Performance Coach

Master of Arts, Performance Psychology

Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Grand Canyon University

26-Year Air Force Veteran

Air Force and Army Master Resilience Trainer

What doesn’t kill you, might make you weak

Neil Wattier is a Mental Performance Coach leading science-backed performance coaching for athletes at all levels of sport performance.


He began his resilience and mental performance consulting firm in January 2020 during the COVID outbreak and continued to provide resilience education throughout the pandemic by focusing on the neurophysiology of the human brain and body, helping clients self-regulate during times of intense pressure and anxiety while cultivating holistic mental and emotional strength necessary to grow and thrive through stress and adversity.

Neil is an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona and an active member of the United States Air Force Reserve.


He has helped individuals and teams realize their full potential while serving as a coach, advisor, and mentor to business executives, senior military leaders, young professionals, youth and adult athletes, fitness professionals, and faith communities.

Neil received his Master of Arts in Performance Psychology from National University in 2022.

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