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Ten things teammates don't let teammates do in championship cultures

Team success is driven by the collective behavior and attitude of its members. While there are many things teammates should do to foster a winning culture, there are also several behaviors that teammates should avoid in order to ensure their team is able to reach its full potential.

Here are 10 things that teammates don't let teammates do in a championship culture:

1. Be selfish: In a championship culture, teammates prioritize the success of the team above their own personal goals. They understand that individual achievements are only possible when the team is successful as a whole.

2. Be a poor sport: Winning and losing are a part of any sport, but teammates in a championship culture know how to handle both with grace and sportsmanship. They don't let their teammates be poor sports, whether they are on the winning or losing side.

3. Skimp on effort: Championship teammates give their all on every play, every practice, and every game. They don't let their teammates slack off or give less than their best effort.

4. Make excuses: When things don't go as planned, championship teammates don't make excuses for their mistakes or the team's shortcomings. They take responsibility for their actions and work to fix problems.

5. Disrespect opponents: Championship teammates respect their opponents, even when they are rival teams. They understand that their opponents are also working hard and deserve to be treated with respect.

6. Disrespect coaches or authority figures: Championship teammates know their coaches and other authority figures are crucial to the team's success. They don't let their teammates disrespect these individuals or undermine their authority.

7. Engage in risky behavior: Championship teammates know their actions off the field can impact the team's performance on the field. They don't let their teammates engage in risky behaviors that could compromise the team's health or reputation.

8. Use performance-enhancing drugs: Championship teammates understand that using performance-enhancing drugs is unfair and goes against the spirit of the game. They don't let their teammates use drugs or pressure them to do so.

9. Divide the team: Championship teammates work to foster a positive team culture and don't let their teammates divide the team with unhealthy attitudes or behavior.

10. Give up: Championship teammates never give up, especially when things get tough. They don't let their teammates give up or lose hope, but rather encourage and hold each other accountable to keep pushing through challenges.

Being part of a championship team requires more than just talent on the playing surface. It requires commitment, dedication, and a willingness to put the team's goals above your own. By avoiding these 10 behaviors and embracing a team-first attitude, you can help your team reach its full potential and create a winning culture.

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Neil Wattier is a Mental Performance Coach leading science-backed performance coaching for athletes at all levels of sport performance. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona and an active member of the United States Air Force Reserve. He has helped individuals and teams realize their full potential while serving as a coach, advisor, and mentor to business executives, senior military leaders, young professionals, youth and adult athletes, fitness professionals, and faith communities.


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